Do I have to self identify as a Muslim or be actively practicing Islam?
    Our team is not imposing or passing judgment on an artist's practice of Islam. Instead we actively create a safe environment to learn about each other's relationship to Islam, support and foster community with our peers in Islam, and sometimes share resources for growth if requested by individuals. Our goal is to center and support Muslim voices in the arts, not to dictate who is or isn’t a Muslim.

Do I need to be a printmaker?
    No! The fellowship doesn’t pick artists that are specifically printmaking focused. Artists do not need to know any level of printmaking skills to be considered for the fellowship. Our printer, Dan Flounders, will print your editions for you as a fellow in the fellowship and provide the opportunity for you to learn printmaking skills, if desired.
What is required of me as a fellow?
    The goal is for artists to build community within their and past cohorts and connect with the Baltimore arts scene at large. The fellowship asks Muslim artists to...

    - Join bi-weekly visits (in person and virtual)

    - Make yourself available for studio check-ins, critiques, and gallery visits

    - Using the studio space offered (optional)

    - Be able to travel to Baltimore City

    - Create two new print editions within the fellowship 

    - Attend the culminating exhibition and programming

Why is the fellowship for Muslim artists?
    When Flounders was creating his thesis work in undergraduate he noticed a gap in the conversation of contemporary Muslim art. Flounders partnered with Cheatam to create Islam & Print to campaign the vastness of Muslim voices in the arts, attempting to build a collective movement in our regional arts scene. 

What is the benefits of being in the fellowship?
    - Exclusive discussions with curators and guest artists.

    - Take part in a two-person and group exhibition, with the option to have your work in I&P group exhibitions for years to come. The planning and coordination support will be from Islam & Print staff and mentors.

    - Individualized mentorship and community building.

    - Marketing and promotion of your work and exhibitions through Islam & Print co-founders social media and communications channels.

    - Feedback through studio visits, bi-monthly critiques, and planning sessions for exhibitions.

    - Shared studio space in the Islam & Print office and studio space.
    - One-on-one workshops in professional development areas (pricing, printing, and writing).

    - You gain two new print editions (30 prints) and are added to the I&P collections. All print works made in the fellowship remain your property while 30% (normally 5-8 prints) become archived into Islam & Prints collections. We keep these prints to build an archive of all I&P fellows and to show to curators and gallerists to promote your work. We hope that keeping 70% of your prints allows you to sell, show, or gift your work more easily.