About The Exhibition
This group exhibition asks the question, “What happens when we nurture a budding idea, a forgotten memory, or a restrictive space?” Through their year-long fellowship program, these four Muslim artists came together in conversation and collectively worked toward creating artworks that reflect their navigation of blurred childhood memories and illustrative imaginations. Through screenprints, drawings, video, and objects, each artist breathes new life into dusty attics, dream states, distant homelands, and gender-segregated mosques. 

In exhibiting artworks that deconstruct binary spaces and present new, mystical amalgamations, Islam & Print encourages an “Islam that leaves no one behind” (Tayyab Maqsood). We aim to portray the vastness of Muslim voices by building community with artists of various expressions of Islam and artistic practice. We hope the artworks in this exhibition inspire you to ask: where can I extend more care?

Meet the 2022 cohort 
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