Leili Arai

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Baltimore ······· MD

I am an interdisciplinary animator whose process is heavily influenced by print media. My work is tactile and iterative, focusing on memory and its dissipation. My most recent project is archiving the generational deterioration of my family’s history and culture through fabricated, memento-like objects. The archive is a space where memory can become a little more permanent, a little more tangible, and a little less gone.

This process of remembering through remaking rebuilds connections to generations and helps to create my place in it as a legacy of filtered bits and pieces. My larger body of work is about navigating my surroundings through my past experiences. As someone who exists with her feet in many worlds, this navigation becomes cloudy and my understanding of the world strained. Carving out a place of peace and clarity through misunderstanding is the foundation of my making process.

2022 — Baltimore, Maryland