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In my practice, I often pull from my childhood memories. These series of prints are archives of when I lived in Yemen. The traditional clothing, weddings, hand-carved molds on the ceilings of homes, and qamariah window fixings feed my practice. My love for screen printing came after earning my MFA in Media Arts in 2014.

I spent two years working in digital arts and decided to create with my hands. My practice moved from my laptop to teaching myself how to screenprint. Once I learned the basics, I began thinking about home and how Yemen was the only place I felt welcomed. There has been a proxy war in Yemen that has starved the country and its people. Images on social media of a crippling and rapidly declining Yemen flood my timeline.

My work looks past the war, past the crumbling buildings, and only to the beautiful colors found in Yemen. The image I created of a Yemeniah bride is a monoprint that prints uniquely every time. She is brave, never scared, and beautiful- reflective of Yemeni women.

I press the image on paper and draw details on the wedding dress and jewelry. By doing so, I am in a way, connecting and participating in the bridal ceremonial ritual of dressing the bride. My other prints are places in Yemen that hold historical value, Bab Al Yemen is over 1,000 years old and still standing today.

2022 — Baltimore, Maryland