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Islam & Print (I&P) is co-founded by artists Safiyah Cheatam and Dan Flounders in 2022. The mission of I&P is to champion diverse Muslim experiences and strengthen career readiness by building a network of regional emerging visual artists of all mediums through our biannual fellowship. Our overlapping goal is building an archive of contemporary Muslim artwork.

Flounders is the lead printer and Cheatam is the project manager. The duo utilizes two studio spaces in Maryland Art Place, and prints through community art spaces (Current Space and Making Space).

Press & News
“Best (and worst) of Baltimore 2023: For The Culture”
Baltimore Beat . 2023

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“What happens when individuals from marginalized communites create structures to uplift and retore folks who look like them?” Baltimore Beat . 2023

By Teri Henderson
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Past Exhibitions
What Happens When We Nuture? Works by Suldano Abdiruhman, Tayyab Maqsood, Anysa Saleh, and Leili Arai Tavallaei. 
Baltimore Maryland . 2023 

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Campaigning Diverse Muslim Voices in the Arts Progressing Muslim Artist Narratives Broadening the Islamic Art Lens
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